Our Program

Every aspect of school life is an important component of our program; from the success of dressing one’s self to mastering a complex puzzle. Exploration and participation are continually encouraged through intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical activities, both indoors and out. Children develop a healthy self-image, in an environment that considers and teaches respect for differences and similarities.


  • giving children a sense of security through a predictable routine
  • attending to each child’s individual needs
  • aiding the smoothness of the unfolding developmental processes with awareness of individual differences
  • building a sense of trust with each child’s first school experience
  • ability to successfully interact within a small and whole group setting
  • develop self-control and self-regulation skills (appropriate to the age of the child)
  • developing both small and large motor skills through indoor and outdoor gross motor activities
  • learning to take responsibility for one’s self and one’s choices and developing the ability to follow through on choices they make
  • sense of identity; who is the child; self awareness
  • experimental hands-on learning; stimulating an excitement about exploring a child’s environment


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