Our Staff

Our staff is composed of teachers who are specifically trained in the field of Early Childhood Education. They are warm, friendly, mature adults who thoroughly know the growth patterns and developmental processes of the child at each level.

Our staff will be happy to discuss your child’s progress througout the year. You will be invited to the school to discuss your child’s development and behavior, so that we can both have as complete an understanding of your child as possible (but please do not wait until you are invited if you should like to visit before that time). We can then consider any special needs in future planning.
Individual conferences between the parent and the teacher will be arranged at scheduled hours during the day or evening, generally around the middle of January. Notices and schedule will be sent directly to all parents.
Periodicaly, we also hold meetings or special programs to which all parents are invited. These include parent/teacer metings of an educational nature, art shows, holiday festivals, etc. Notice of such events are sent directly to all parents.

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